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Telemedicine Now Available to Phoenix and Arcadia Foot and Ankle Patients

OrthoLive is a new, cutting-edge telemedicine company for orthopedics and podiatry. The company allows practitioners and patients to meet online to discuss patient care. OrthoLive is changing the way medicine operates and utilized on a daily basis to streamline practices.

Telemedicine Comes to Phoenix-Based Orthopedics and Podiatry Practice in Arcadia

Dr. Jeffrey E. McAlister,a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon at Arcadia Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, AZ, now provides post-operative patients with the ability to communicate remotely with video. After bringing it into his post-op practice, Dr. McAlister plans to roll this technology out to his existing patient base. Telemedicine is very useful in the post-operative period. After surgery, some patients are not able come into the office for follow-up care. Dr. McAlister is the first foot and ankle surgeon to partner with an orthopedic/podiatry-specific telemedicine company in Arizona.

The Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients

Telehealth or telemedicine system have been in use for more than 10 years in certain parts of the country. Its use has resulted in substantial savings for patients and healthcare facilities. These costs are passed on to the patient. For instance, the Veterans Affairs (VA) system started using telehealth in 2003. As a result, today the VA uses the technology in more than 700 ambulatory sites around the nation in 38 clinical specialties. More than 600,000 veterans benefit from these services. The VA reports extensive cost savings in these areas:

  • Fewer inpatient days
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Decrease in hospital admissions
  • Lowered overhead costs

The VA reports a savings of nearly $2,000 per patient with reductions in travel costs to and from doctor’s offices.

Telemedicine for Phoenix/Arcadia Patients

Initially for post-op patients, Dr. McAlister and his team will provide you with the information to set-up OrthoLive as soon as your surgery is scheduled.

Here’s the link to install OrthoLive on your desktop, iPad or even iPhone.


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