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Sports Medicine for Foot & Ankle Health

Sports Medicine for Foot & Ankle Health

There are conditions related to the foot and ankle that are specific to sports medicine and athletes, runners in particular. Dr. McAlister specializes in treating foot and ankle issues with athletes, and is a sought-after physician for the Arizona athletic community. He competes in marathons and triathlons and understands the importance of maintaining optimal health to continue doing what you love to do.

Many foot and ankle issues related to athletes are treatable conservatively. However, when surgery is required, as with the case of a major fracture or deteriorated Achilles tendon, Dr. McAlister is a fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon uniquely qualified to help get athletes back to play.

Common Foot and Ankle Conditions for Athletes

  • Ankle Sprains – One of the more common sports injuries that is important to get evaluated because an ankle fracture can also present similar to an ankle sprain.
  • Heel Pain – Often related to plantar fasciitis, heel pain can also be caused by a stress fracture or nerve injury.
  • Stress Fracture – An incomplete break in the bone typically due to repetitive activity.
  • Achilles Tendon Disorders – An inflammation of the tendon that runs down the back of the lower leg. If not properly treated, degeneration of the tendon will continue leading to tears and possibly rupture of the tendon.
  • Morton’s Neuroma – Stemming from overuse, this is a thickening of nerve tissue in the ball of the foot resulting from compression and irritation of the nerve.

When an athletic injury does occur, oftentimes early evaluation and treatment will result in the best outcome. Dr. McAlister will collaborate with you on options based on your goals and lifestyle.

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