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midfoot fusion surgery for foot arthritis treatment

Valley Woman Achieves Pain Relief from Foot Arthritis with Midfoot Fusion Procedure

Sandy Hoelzer is a 72-year-old retiree who previously worked in the healthcare management field. She is a mother of three, grandmother of five and great-grandmother to four. Sandy enjoys traveling, playing golf, bowling, and line dancing—just to name a few of her many interests! However, over the course of several years, Sandy began to experience pain in her foot caused by foot arthritis. When the pain became too much, Sandy decided to see Dr. Jeffrey McAlister, a fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon for treatment and a midfoot fusion or arthrodesis procedure.

Foot Arthritis Diagnosis 

Prior to meeting with Dr. McAlister, Sandy began to experience an increase the pain in her left foot. She said, “The pain became so bad… to the point where each step I took was painful, shared Sandy.  

Unfortunately, she had to resort to heavily relying on Aleve and Tylenol just to mask the pain and get through life. After meeting with her primary care doctor who ran some blood tests and noticed her kidney function levels were low, Sandy was instructed to no longer take her usual pain medications. It was then that Sandy realized she needed to seek a more permanent, long-term solution for her foot pain.  

Sandy quickly scheduled an appointment with Dr. McAlister. After initially trying cortisone injections as a conservative treatment option, both Sandy and Dr. McAlister decided that a midfoot fusion procedure was the best treatment option for her. 

Midfoot Fusion Surgery and Recovery to Treat Foot Arthritis 

In September of 2018, Sandy had surgery. Following surgery, she was unable to bear weight on her foot for two months and wore a cast, brace and boot.  

“Dr. McAlister was honest and told me in advance that the surgery was the easy part, but the recovery would take time,” said Sandy. “Although it’s been a long recovery, it’s certainly been worth it, as I haven’t had to take pain killers in over two months!”  

Within the past month, Sandy has finished physical therapy at Spooner Physical Therapy, which she said has greatly helped with her recovery. She says, “I’m still recovering, but I’m very happy with the progress I’ve seen, both in terms of pain relief and better mobility.”

Sandy’s Patient Experience with Dr. Jeffrey McAlister

Sandy is very thankful for the care she received from Dr. McAlister, which she shared is unmatched. “Coming from somebody who has worked in the medical field and has seen other doctors not act as caring, it was a breath of fresh air to work with Dr. McAlister,” shared Sandy. “I liked how he would explain things so they were easy to understand and that he provided me with practical solutions.”  


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midfoot fusion surgery for foot arthritis

Sandy with one of her great- grandchildren. 

midfoot fusion surgery for foot arthritis treatment

Sandy pictured with Jack, her significant other.

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